Destiny 2 Live Event Recap

Gaming press, streamers, and invited guests were flown in from around the world to check out Destiny 2. The event, held at a large warehouse located at a private airport (and adjacent to the SpaceX headquarters) began at 10 AM, and there were tons of people there. After the one hour presentation, attendees filed past a display of life-sized Destiny character statues into the demo areas.

There were quite a few PC and PS4 Pro demo stations (majority of them were PS4 Pros) for attendees to get hands-on time with the campaign, PVP (the new attack/defend mode), and Strike. The introductory level of the campaign was familiar, but fun. Those expecting an entirely new look and feel will be disappointed, but Destiny fans might appreciate that the sequel isn’t a jarringly new experience.

Once I completed the brief campaign demo, I went to the PC demo section to play the new PVP mode, Countdown. The bomb set-and-defend/defuse is a tried and true PVP mode that just about every multiplayer game features, and it isn’t very different in Destiny 2. It allows for that strategic element that goes beyond team deathmatch. What distracted me from the gameplay however were the incredibly impressive visuals in the PC version of the game.

Let me tell you, the high FPS is a godsend. I believe the demo stations were running at 60FPS, but it may have been higher. The game moves so smoothly it took some getting used to, especially having played Destiny at a mere 30FPS. Also, playing with a mouse and keyboard had me fumbling for the first round, but I quickly got used to the keys. I wish I would have slowed down the cursor though – it was way too twitchy.

The event otherwise was splendid. Bungie served sandwiches in box lunches, and they had an endless supply of energy drinks, coffee, water, fruit, candy, and other snacks. All of these were necessary because the event lasted until 5 PM. Lots of folks played every single mode twice – once on PS4 and again on PC. In between sessions, they interviewed developers. Talk about a long day.

View all of the photos here: LINK.

Destiny 2 is slated for release on Xbox One and PS4 on September 8, but the PC version has not yet been set. Pre-order it here.