Xbox E3 2017 News Wrap-Up

The reveal of Microsoft’s next console was preceded with a tremendous amount of hype, and not only was it finally unveiled at E3, but its name, price, launch date, and a list of launch titles were also announced at the Xbox briefing.

Formerly known as Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X is touted by Microsoft as the most powerful video game console (and the smallest Xbox One) ever made. The One X, priced at $499, is capable of running games at 4K resolution with high graphical fidelity. Microsoft made sure E3 attendees could see the power of the One X for themselves with a slew of upcoming titles.

Forza Motorsports 7 and Assassin’s Creed Origins in particular were both incredibly impressive. Forza 7 ran at 4K 60 FPS, and Origins ran at 4K 30 FPS. Pushing these games to 4K resolution did not seem to result in a reduction in visual effects or textures – they were both stunningly beautiful.

A bombshell announcement made at the Xbox briefing was the expansion of the backwards compatibility program to Xbox games from the original console, which launched in 2001. Games like Crimson Skies and Fusion Frenzy are among the first to be added to the program.

The word “exclusive” was used quite heavily throughout the briefing, emphasizing that the One X will launch with quite a few games exclusive to the platform, at least during the One X’s launch window.

One particular bit of news that thrilled many was the announcement that Cuphead finally has a launch date of September 29, 2017.

After the briefing, Microsoft revealed the revamped Avatars. The Avatar system has always been a fan-favorite feature and the newly designed art style gives Avatars a classy Disney style of animation. In addition to the new look, Avatars will include wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and even an option to make an Avatar look pregnant.

In addition, Microsoft announced new color options for Design Lab custom controllers. New options include light-colored components, metallic colors on some components, and grip textures. As a special promotion for show attendees, custom controllers ordered at the Xbox booth included an exclusive “Made at E3 2017” etching on the controller.

Since E3, Xbox leadership have hinted at unannounced upcoming titles and special console pre-order promotions, but no concrete plans have been released yet. With the One X set to be released November 7, 2017, we should start to see a PR and advertising blitz very soon.

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